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Membership in Saguaro Scramblers enables you to share your energy and talents with other members of our club. Whether you are a novice looking to learn or a seasoned veteran in dog agility, you will gain much from the experience. The joint efforts of our members allow us to host several trials in Tucson. Without the energy of our members, these trials would not be possible. If this is what you are looking for, we welcome you. Please see the information and links below for more details.

Applicants are required to:
1. Submit an application and dues
2. Attend one board meeting or general meeting.
3. Volunteer at one SSAC events (trial, Arthur Pack Park event, Reid Park event)
4. Approval of application by Board of Directors


Applicants may take part in practices at Reid Park or Arthur Pack Park following the first reading at the BOD meeting. This can be up to a month following submission.


Membership dues are:

  •  $50 for individual membership (can use up to $30 in bitbucks)

  •  $60 for family (can use up to $35 in bitbucks)

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